Lisbon between refugees and spies

Private and exclusive tour.


Praça Marquês de Pombal
125 €
Max. 5
Level 2: Easy to moderate
Price set for a maximum of 5 people. For larger groups, please send request by email
Leonor Abrantes

Leonor Abrantes

This tour will take us back in time to the city of the 1930s and 1940s when despair and hope mixed up with intrigue and glamour.

During the 2nd World War Portugal was under the dictatorship of António Oliveira Salazar and remained neutral during the conflict. Between 1932 and 1945 the country, particularly Lisbon received thousands of refugees looking to escape the war and the nazi persecution, waiting for a visa to departure Europe.

During those years Lisbon became the “waiting room” or the “sad paradise” for the refugees but was also one the many stages for the espionage. Spies of different nationalities, british, german, americans roamed the city and its surroundings under the survaillance of the Portuguese political police.

Come with us and discover the city of Lisbon of the late 1930s and 1940s.

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Level 1 – Easy: Flat terrain without obstacles. Wheelchair accessible. Duration 2h

Level 2 – Easy to Moderate : Mainly flat terrain (about 70% flat), gentle climbs and descents. Some steps. Wheelchair accessible only with the help of a third party. Duration is around 2 to 3 hours.

Level 3 – Moderate: Terrain about 40 to 60% flat. Moderate climbs and descents. Steps. not wheelchair accessible. Duration 3 hours 

Level 4 – Demanding: Terrain about 20% to 40% flat. Some steep climbs and descends. Steps and uneven surfaces. Recommend for fit travelers. Duration between 3 to 5 hours.

Level 5 – Difficult: Rolling and often steep terrain, 10 to 20% flat terrain. Uneven surfaces. Recommended for travelers used to hiking tours in nature. 

Stufe 1 – Leicht: Flaches Gelände ohne Höhenunterschiede und Hindernisse. Geeignet für Rollstuhlfahrer. Dauer 2 Stunden.

Stufe 2 – Leicht bis moderat: Überwiegend flaches Gelände (70%) mit leichten Höhenunterschieden sowie einigen Stufen. Für Rollstuhlfahrer nur bedingt und mit einer Begleitperson geeignet. Dauer 2 – 3 Stunden. 

Stufe 3 – Moderat: Gelände (40-60% flach) mit moderaten Steigungen und Treppen. Nicht für Rollstuhlfahrer geeignet. Dauer 3 Stunden. 

Stufe 4 – Anspruchsvoll: Gelände mit Höhenunterschieden (20-40% flach). Auf – und Abstiege, Treppen und unbefestigte Wege. Eine gute Kondition und festes Schuhwerk sind erforderlich. Dauer 3 bis 5 Stunden. 

Stufe 5 – Schwierig: Gelände mit großen Höhenunterschieden (10-20% flach), steilen Auf – und Abstiegen auf unbefestigten Wegen und teils holprigen Boden. Geeignet für erfahrene Wanderer.