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Olá ! I’m Sofia, I was born in Viseu, Portugal, and I live in Lisbon.

As I always loved to travel, doing research and interacting with people I studied Tourism and graduated in 1997 and since then I’ve been working as a Certified Tourist Guide and Tour Manager with people from all over the world. Occasionally I lead groups abroad and work in Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events to which it contributed the 2 year-experience at the International Relations department of AdI, Portuguese Agency for Innovation, ruled by the Ministries of Science and Technology, Economy and Foreign Affairs. 

I’m polyglot, I travelled extensively, and lived in Florence, Paris and Macau but in recent years what I enjoy the most is doing tailor-made tours in the Lisbon region. I also graduated in History and am often called to work with students and lead visits in museums, palaces, churches, castles… but I love power walks too… and garden tours followed by delicious meals ! There’s plenty to enjoy in life!

I’ll be glad to tell you more when we meet in Lisbon.

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